OSRS f2p money making 2018
OSRS f2p money making 2018
As a free to play (F2P) player, you may feel like your Runescape adventure is limited, Incomplete, especially when trying to find a way to generate money. F2P money making methods are so crowded by gamers trying to buy bonds and gold farming bots, this makes it difficult to find a dependable method to make GP in OSRS. However, there is always a way for Free to Players to generate income in Oldschool and I've decided to take my long list of reliable money making methods and discuss them with you below. Mining is a skill that is 100% gain and becomes a better money making method the higher your mining level is. The actual money begins to be made when mining after level 41 so if you are already at or above this level, jump to the 41+ Mining section.
Collecting, tanning then selling cow hides/leather has been a excellent low level, no requirement money maker in RuneScape since the dawn of its existence. A fresh level 3 account can run straight towards the cow pens and start collecting the hides other people leave on the floor and instantly begin to make money. This actually happens, however, most of the'people' you see doing it are actually gold farming bots.
For a player you do not need any prerequisites to being picking up cow hides and can make approximately around 50,000 (50K) gp per hour. It might appear low compared to other methods, however it is excellent for a new new account to have some startup cash. (A new account can have 100K gp after just two hours of it creation).
Fighting enemies/monsters seems pretty obvious but it is very underrated in terms of making money in F2P. Killing enemies like the Dark Wizards, Hill Giants and Moss Giants are a good way to both level your accounts when picking up the loot to sell for gp.
Quick tip: if you want food, pick up all the trout/salmon dropped in the barbarian village fishing areas and cook it (if you can not cook it you should find the levels to do so).
Smithing steel bars from coal and iron ore has always been a dependable F2P money maker which has a low requirement and requires a small amount of effort to pull off.
Smelting steel bars requires level 30 smithing and the quickest way to have that in F2P is by completing the quest The Knights Sword (manual here). Completing that f2p quest will take you to 29 smithing, which means you just need to grind out one smithing level before having access to the money maker. The best way to get the final smithing level is to mine silver ore in the Al-Kharid mine and smelting it in the furnace from the bank to the south.
Fishing lobbies and swordies in F2P has been a move to for the longest period for F2P Skillers. Sadly at this point in Old School Runescape's lifetime, lobsters are worth less than 200gp each (at the time of this writing) because of the mass quantity of botting done. It can still be a viable money maker, however it's no where near as good as it used to be.
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