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Death's Door - Halloween Event

  The Halloween Event of this year is coming.the Death's Door.
Using special ghost-hunting equpment to dismiss the unwelcome
dead before you are reduced to gibbering wreck to help death
repel a ghostly invasion in his home.
  You can earn points and trophies to be spent on XP lamps,the
bonds of damage the given on gear against ghosts.the ability
to burn bones on bonfire to get prayer and firemaking xp and
  Here are some steps for you to play this event during the
 Get to the Burthorpe Lodestone speak to Muncher and head to his
  You will find the death's beset that unleashed by Melzar the mad.
  You will get a potato pack which is the latest in ghost-hunting
technology and set you to work banishing his unwecome guests.
  Then you can examing the furnishings and ghosts will start to mainfest.
beware about your each hit,that will increase your fear meter which
will displayed in your minigames HUD window.
  If you get your fear meter at 100%,you will run screaming to death,
and 20 of your hard-earned reward will be lost.
  To reduce your fear,you can standingin moonlit areas of the house,the
comforting items fond in chests around the house can be useful,too.
  In this event,ghosts can be different,you will find ghosts tougher that
others you met,but the tougher the more points you get.You can find
more in your HUD window and refer to the Ghostpedia.

  The rewards you can get
  Every 10 mins the chests will be appear around the house,you can see that
in you HUD window,but you only have 2 minutes to claim it.
You will find Chocolates, teddies and night lights which can be used for
you to reduce your fear level.
  Active ectoplasm: grand temporary buff to your damagewhen you are against
the ghosts.
  Demonic traces:you need five of these to summon demonic ghosts-the more
fear and reward you will face.
  Ectoplasmators: rarely chance to get this item which can gives prayer xp
when you fighting ghosts.
  Ghostly essence:which can attune your ectoplasmator but it is very rare.
Other loot:bones and seasonal sweets inside.

  You'll get points for each ghost you dismiss. Muncher or Death will give
you the following rewards in exchange for these: Ghost hunter gear:a four
piece set which can be given bonus in damage and combat XP against ghosts
outside the minigame.
  Cremation ability:this can be unlock your ability to burn bones on bonfires
which is permantly.
  Large XP lamps.
  In the end you can unlock a set of proto pack cosmetic overrides for daggers,
claws and crossbow,once you have dismissed 50 ghosts.