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Broken Home

Even though this year's Halloween event has been started last week,
but we have more suprise this year,something different and more darker
than you've ever seen before.

Broken Home is a well-suted quest to the season:Unlike the Halloween

event,and harrowing horror story which youwill investigate deaths, will
permantly remain in RuneScape.

A few differences will be noticed from a typical RuneScape quest:
The quest is repeatable.
Once you have done the quest,you can go back and complete it again,as

many times as you want.This allows players to try new things,and unlock
additional rewards.
It has an open structure:When you are in the house,you will lose your
directions,you can unlock new areas and find out how its inhabitants
Save/load system
when you upon reachng certain points in the quest,your progress will be
saved.If you leave the house and return or if you die you will return to
the most recent save point you have saved.If you have complete it,you

will go back to the beginning.

when you complete te quest you will earn this rewards.
Small prismatic lamp.
An emote.
A ring with level 30 stats that'll grant you extra food drops when fighting certain enemies.
For the first two weeks after release, there's also an Early Bird Bonus:
Large prismatic lamp (replacing the usual small one).
Large prismatic fallen star.
Boosted damage in the Death's Door Halloween event.

When you speak to Maria again after you complete the quest she will give you details of how to unlock more rewards on future.
More XP lamps, some of which are unlocked at level milestones from 10-90.
A spooky follower to haunt your steps.
An 85 Defence ring with strong combat stats, and a chance to reduce adrenaline cost for thresholds to 0, plus a chance to restore a portion of the cost of special attacks.

Broken Home is not only for faint of heart,but also,a quest that questing experience.