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Rsmalls has 10 years of experience in selling video game products and providing high quality services to over 100,000 players. We guarantee that the Runescape 3 firecape and Items we sell are 100% safe. The RS account and password you provide to us will only be used for this service. Our staff is online 24 hours a day and your order will be processed properly and quickly. We will adjust our prices according to the market in real time so that customers can get the best price. We not only provide the Runescape firecape service, but we also sell a variety of Runescape3 Items, such as Ranger Boots, Toxic Staff, Saradomin godsword, Bandos Chestplate, Dragon Arrow, Dragon Claws, Dragon Warhammer, Dragon Pickaxe, Ancestral robe top, Robes Set, Arcane Spirit Shield, etc...   

Important notes when purchasing Runescape fire cape!

Before we start your order, please change your account password to a temporary password and provide it to us. We don't need access to your bank. You need to prepare some equipments, materials and foods. Specific details are listed in the item description. We recommend you have a PIN set and disable your Jagex account guardian while your order is being completed.

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